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About Brink Gutter Supplies

Founded in 2010, BGS is a reliable and high-quality gutter systems supplier based in Cape Town. We stock the largest inventory product range and process orders efficiently to deliver high-quality finished products.

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Largest inventory and expanding product lines

BGS was founded by Dirk Brink and opened on 14 October 2010 in Cape Town. With his experience in gutter installations and due to frustrations with suppliers and fitment problems he decided to build a supply company that is committed to provide high quality gutter component solutions.

With our unique Quality-on-Time approach, high control standards in manufacturing from material quality to finished product, Brink Gutter Supplies is known as a reliable, quick and accurate gutter systems supplier.

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With over 30 years of combined experience, allow our professional and knowledgeable staff to give your project the attention and dedication it deserves. You’re sure to get reliable results when you team up with us.

Dirk Brink
Maggie Brink
Customer Services
Gary Chisholm
Sales Manager
Monica van Zyl
Sales Consultant
Ignatius Olivier
Operational Manager

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